Flutter by a Free ‘Summer Nights at Home' Session

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has created a virtual edition of its popular warm-weather party.


What to Know

  • July 10, July 24, and Aug. 7, 6-8 p.m.
  • Free livestream (NHMLAC is temporarily closed)
  • DJ tunes and plant discussions (both history and modern gardening) are on the docket for night #1

Our beloved natural history institution, the one with the dramatic animal dioramas, sparkling gemstones, and big-big-super-big dinosaur bones, knows something about making impressive leaps.

For oftentimes, in the process of discovery, a leap of knowledge is required, to get a thinker from Point A to Point Aha! I see my answer now! The chasm may be great, but the scientific bravery, and desire to level-up, should be greater.

And the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County just made such a leap, all the way from its longtime Exposition Park home to glowing screens in homes across the city, and, yes, even the world.

For the museum's popular Summer Nights series, which turns 7 in 2020, is leaping from being an in-person gathering to a virtual party that can be enjoyed safely from anywhere.

And for free, too.

The first in the new Summer Nights at Home livestream series is set for July 10, and it will include many of the Summer Nights-type hallmarks found in years gone by.

Nope, there won't be a pop-up bar in your living room, one that's serving botanical-based sips, but you're free to make your own.

There will be DJ tunes, mind-growing science musings from museum staffers, and the convivial, come-together spirit that has been associated with the event in the past.

The focus of the first evening's talk?

Call it lovely, leafy, and full of seasonal splendor: Staffers will explore " ...the history of plants from the present day all the way back to the Ice Age."

Other horticultural matters, like growing your own best garden, are on the summery schedule.

If you find joy in the July 10 get-together, keep that joy close: Two more free Summer Nights at Home evenings are just ahead, on July 24 and Aug. 7, 2020.

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