Dapper Day's Fashionable Ways Return to Disneyland

Guests will don their glam-est garb when the vintage-fun, wear-your-best bash sashays back into The Happiest Place on Earth.


What to Know

  • Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021
  • The Dapper Day Expo will take place at the Disneyland Hotel on Nov. 13 and 14
  • Park admission and park reservation are required if you plan to visit the theme parks

You don't need to look too far, or glance around at length, or search high and low, to see that some of the most stylish icons around regularly hold colorful court at Disneyland.

Minnie Mouse's polka-dotted dresses, Goofy's turtleneck-and-vest combo, the glittery gowns worn by the princesses, and the fancy-frock'd phantoms seen waltzing in the Haunted Mansion's ballroom: All of these characters know how to bring the sartorial splendor.

Which is one reason why you'll often see guests at The Happiest Place on Earth strutting about in some truly eye-catching ensembles, outfits that find inspiration in the attractions, foods, events, and oh-so-beloved superstars of Disneyland park.

But a couple of times each year, once in the spring and again in the fall, the clothing spied around Disneyland Resort reaches a whole new level of elan, elegance, and fashionable fun. It's when Dapper Day returns to the Anaheim theme parks, a get-gussy celebration that is all about wearing your dressy best.

And the sometimes-haute, always cool happening will return to the famous destination, after over a year away, on Nov. 14, 2021.

A few things to know?

Dapper Day isn't overseen by Disneyland Resort, but is rather an event that's independent of the theme parks. There's no separate entry fee required to participate, but you will need a ticket to one or both parks, and reservations, if you plan to head inside Disneyland or Disney California Adventure.

But if you simply plan to sally around, looking ultra-swanky, at Downtown Disney District or the resort hotels? You can do so without securing a ticket and reservation to one or both parks.

In fact, the Dapper Day Expo, a garb-gorgeous gathering of vintage-cool vendors, will take place at Disneyland Hotel on both Nov. 13 and 14. A general admission pass is $15.

It's a good place to purchase a hat if you need one, or a brooch, or a beautiful bowtie, if you need a little pick-me-up or accessory to spruce up your look.

Call Dapper Day the most debonair-ish of Disneyland delights, a chance to wear a decades-old dress, if that's your vibe, or something new and natty.

The event, by the by, isn't simply about styling yourself as though you stepped out of a sepia-toned snapshot; anything that's a bit fancy and super-fabulous, whatever its era, will be completely in vogue.

For a look back at some stupendous suits, cheery chapeaus, and marvelous garments galore, as well as the super-chic park-goers who effortlessly rock an array of fashions, sashay by this site now.

Something celebratory? Dapper Day is turning 10, so we do doth our boater hat in its dashing direction.

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