Delusion's Popular ‘Blue Blade' Extends

The you're-in-the-story adventure keeps selling out, so a fresh run of tickets have been added.

"The blade extends" reads a bit like direction you might find in a tense and thrilling screenplay, a tale that boasts some skulduggery, whodunit-a-tude, and a whole bunch of mystery.

But "the Blade extends" takes on a different meaning when we're talking about Delusion, the "Interactive Theatrical Experience" that gives you the rare opportunity to play an essential part in a story.

A story that doesn't hand you a script; rather, you have to live the story, and all of the excitement, twists, and atmosphere it delivers, moment-by-moment.

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It's that excitement that has fans returning to Delusion's annual falltime experience each year, and the fact that tickets regularly sell out to the multi-night event in a jiffy is now common knowledge among fans. 

Be cheered, however, by this new news, as of Tuesday, Oct. 23: The highly creative, envelope-pushing troupe behind Delusion has extended the run of "The Blue Blade," over several months, beginning again on Feb. 14, 2019.

Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.

The current run wraps in the middle of December, which gives the performers and teams a bit of time off after a buzzed-about autumn packed with Blade-busy nights.

Nights that happen at an undisclosed location. Well, it is disclosed on your ticket, of course, so you'll know where to go.

"The Blue Blade" will shine, Thursdays through Sundays, from Feb. 14 through to the end of June 2019. Tickets are $95 and $115 — the price depends on the time you go — and there's a VIP package, a new option after many fans made a request.

A pair of gratis drinks, a behind-the-scenes peek, and other goodies are part of that fresh level of Blue-Blade-ery.

It's been one of the interactive hits of the spooky season, and Delusion's forward momentum is set to continue over several months, with winter, spring, and even a week or so of summer in the mix.

Need tickets for this fresh stretch of suspenseful intrigue? They're on sale, as of Oct. 23, and if past is indeed prologue, they'll all sell out again.

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