Dessert Week LA: Sample Top Sweets

Snack up the dreamy, creamy creations from major desserteries at a week-ending celebration.

If our sweet tooth is tempted by February and Valentine's Day, and if the year-ending holidays tickle our sugar-based fantasies with all sorts of frosting-laden fancies, it is October where the whole confection-craving thing really kicks in.

Exhibit A? The huge shelf — make that shelves — inside every single market, the ones groaning with all manner of miniature candy bars and lollipops and wafers and such.

Our tastebuds are revving up for the final day of the month, but we needn't wait for the delightful dining thrill that a sweet treat can deliver: Dessert Week LA is on, through Saturday, Oct. 15, at spots around the city.

If you've never heard of this wondrous happening, well, that could be because you've never heard of it. This is its first outing, and one that comes with all sorts of "deals & discounts" at "your favorite dessert spots all over town."

But say you haven't a spare moment to swing by your go-to desserterie on a weekday — golly, you haven't even had the time to purchase Halloween candy yet — but you still want to be a part of this bright-of-spirit bon bon of a bash.

You can, if you carve out an hour or two on Saturday, Oct. 15 and make for Pershing Square, the place where over two dozen top dessert-making restaurants will gather to give icing aficionados and macaroon mavens several tastes all at once, for a single price.

That price is fifteen bucks ahead of time, or $20 there, which gets you in the proverbial door, and nets you ten tastes. You can also purchase full servings of additional desserts as you go, as well as beverages, if you feel like you need more frosting-luscious goodness.

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On board with this treat-nice week? Ridges Churro Bar, The Pie Hole, Diddy Riese, Porto's Bakery, and several other sweet-perfecting places around the region.

So you just go and tell all of those mini candy bars and edible necklaces to hold on for another week or two; Halloween is on the way, and all of those visits to the candy bucket by the front door.

For now, though, it is Dessert Week LA, when the focus is on the baked, decorated, chewy, pudding-in-the-middle jewels that are expertly turned out by some of our city's top treat-making toques.

And the finest focus of all? Food Forward, which works "to feed people in need," is receiving part of the proceeds from Dessert Week LA. Join in, support local eateries, and help out this mission.

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