Disneyland Reveals More Restaurant Reopenings

The Yummiest Place on Earth has news to share about its sup-tacular spots, including the re-debut of Napa Rose at Disney's Grand Californian.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure reopened on April 30, 2021 (tickets and reservations are necessary)
  • Several in-park and Downtown Disney District eateries are open, but more will redebut later in May
  • Napa Rose at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel reopens on May 28, 2021

Churros first, dill pickle second, Dole whip float third, and a frozen banana before you go?

Every Disney devotee has a not-so-secret, oh-so-specific snack order they attempt to adhere to when calling upon The Happiest Place on Earth.

How you consume your comestibles, of course, has a lot to do with what you're hankering for at any given time and where you happen to be inside Disneyland park, of course.

The absolute truth, though? You're never, ever going to skip your go-to goodies.

But at some point in your big day out? You'll likely want lunch, or dinner, the sort of sit-right-down, eat-and-relax experience that Disneyland Resort is also famous for, in addition to all of its iconic snackage.

To help guests get to those Mickey-merry meals, and to help them know what is available as the Anaheim theme parks continue to open various venues, there is a new post on the official Disney Parks Blog covering the tasty topic of restaurants.

The Dining Guide, published on May 10, reveals that a number of eateries will soon re-debut around Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure, and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.

Newly announced restaurant reopening dates have been posted, as well as when reservations open for each destination.

The buzziest of the soon-to-reopen bunch, at least if you cruise your Doom Buggy through some of the Disney fan pages? The re-opening of Blue Bayou Restaurant, which will now feature wine and beer on its menu, as well as Hurricane cocktails.

You can make your reservation for the New Orleans Square restaurant beginning on May 18. The charming spot, which flickers with candle-like glow and firefly light, will reopen on May 27.

Other soon-to-come reopenings include the elegant Napa Rose and critter-cute Storyteller's Café at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.

Those all-important reservations?

They'll truly be essential during this time, wherever you want to sit down and sup. So don't put off this important part of your Disneyland Resort visit; it should happen long before you go.

The Disneyland Mobile App?

You'll want to have that, too, since mobile ordering has become such a central and essential component of enjoying Disneyland cuisine as of late.

You can find the full list of what's open at both theme parks, Downtown Disney District, and the resort hotels on the Disney Parks Blog.

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