Disney's New Spider-Man Attraction Spins a Winning Web

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure is headed for the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure at a "future top secret date."

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • The Avengers Campus will open at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim at a "future top secret date"
  • Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are temporarily closed; Downtown Disney District is open
  • Several thematic attractions, shops, and eateries are set to debut at the superhero-inspired Avengers Campus

When you have the ability to quickly send out a super-strong web from your wrist, the kind of string that allows you to swing above a city street, it can seem like everything you face is a cinch.

But creating a thrilling experience built around one of the most beloved superheroes ever created?

Not so cinch-y. In fact, it is an amazing endeavor that takes time, skill, and impressive heaps of Imagineering.

Disneyland Resort, a place that's synonymous with Imagineering-inspired leaps of imagination, just gave fans an inside "spin" around WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, a new attraction that's swinging in the direction of the new Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure.

That new, tech-tastic, lots-to-see land is still a few web-swings down the road, with a "future top secret" opening date in the works.

But the Disney Parks Blog wanted to treat spiderpeople and Avengers aficionados to a look at the upcoming ride, plus some behind-the-scenes footage of actor Tom Holland lending his Peter-Parkerian charms to the attraction.

What can you expect once you drop by the Anaheim theme park, one day down the road, for this fresh thrill?

"Donning 3D glasses, your mission will be to test-drive the aspiring inventor's latest invention, the WEB Slinger vehicle, and discover your web-slinging super powers!"

"Through specially designed, innovative technology that recognizes body movements and gestures, you will reach out your hands and sling webs from your wrists, just like Spider-Man," shared a post on the Disney Parks Blog.

There are more reveals in the post, including the other parts of the Avengers Campus that you'll "virtually pass through" while riding WEB SLINGERS, so check it all out, if you want to know ahead of time, right here.

The team behind the blog promises more Avengers Campus tidbits to come, good news.

So while we look forward to that "future top secret date," and the chance to step inside a brand-new superhero adventure, we can practice our web-slinging moves at home while awaiting further fantastical word.

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