Donate a Dress to the Renal Teen Prom

Lend a little sparkle to a party created for young people with kidney disease.

If you went to prom, and got gussied up in all of the elaborate and purple-eye-shadow-y ways, a few things likely occurred.

1? Your parents likely made you pose for 87 pictures, three of which are still framed in the hallway of your mom's house. And 2? Some element of your outfit, whether it was the ruffly shoulders or the bow that sat on one hip, remains dear to your heart every time you see those snapshots.

The joy of sharing the sartorial rites of prom are unparalleled, through photos, yes, but there's another wonderful way: Donate your dress to the Renal Teen Prom, which is scheduled to party it up on Sunday, Jan. 19.

It's a prom that's open to young people with kidney disease, and we do indeed mean "young people" and not strictly teenagers. Attendees are anywhere between the ages of 14 and 24.

Whether you went to prom last spring or more than a few springs ago, your donated frock will come in handy. Just get the gown to the first-level concierge services at Glendale Galleria by Sunday, Jan. 12, so that prom attendees can have a few days to select the perfect dress and accessories.

Oh, and speaking of accessories, those will be accepted as well, in addition to shoes and jewelry. "Gently worn" is the rule of the day.

And, yep, your dress may be on the vintage side, but it could be one of those years where big bows on the hip or ruffled shoulders are really in vogue. Doesn't everything come back around? You could make a hip teen's style dream. Of course, newer donated dresses are absolutely welcome, too. A variety of selection is key.

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Oh, and this is especially nice: Guests a bit past their adolescence are invited, because many were undergoing treatment during the time of their own high school proms.

It is, indeed, never too late to have that perfect slow dance in a room filled with shiny balloons.

Um, and yep: That is Tenacious D, playing the 2013 prom...

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