‘Dracula,' Halloween, and a Downtown Castle

Visit Transylvania, by the way of The Ace, with composer Philip Glass in tow.

When one returns home from a Halloween bash, late at night, with their monster make-up smeared and costume sagging, there's only one thing to do: Find "Dracula," the 1931 Bela Lugosi classic, on television, and munch on leftover candy.

But while the charms of this not-so-spooky scenario are plentiful, your TV room is not castle-like, we'll surmise, nor is composer Philip Glass standing next to your television, conducting a live score played by the acclaimed Kronos Quartet.

There shall be a place in Southern California that all of that will be happening, on Oct. 31, 2015, except for the part about you sitting on your couch scarfing candy. For the famous film will screen at The Theater at Ace, with the lauded composer and quartet in attendance, and the whole experience will take on a rather more eerie and elegant quality than viewers experience while watching "Dracula" in while sprawled, in a sagging costume, in their TV room.

For The Theater at Ace, with its Gothic-like detailing and straight-from-a-fantasy-novel fixtures, is the absolutely spot-on place to see a certain caped immortal due his dark bidding.

This isn't a comment on the design choices you've made with own TV room, but we're fairly sure it doesn't evoke Spain's 16th-century Cathedral at Segovia. (If it does, well, we tip our hat.)

LA Opera is part of the skin-prickly presentation, along with Mr. Glass and the Kronos Quartet. And, in anticipation of its popularity, the event will actually be a three-nighter, covering Oct. 29, 30th, and Halloween night proper.

Tickets for Halloween are still available and there's a Black & White Ball to boot, at the hotel. "Creative black and white attire is strongly encouraged" for the DJ-laden, tricks-and-treats-galore party.

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Atmosphere, it is sometimes said, can swirl a viewer into the world of a movie like the Transylvanian mist draws the hapless Jonathan Harker into Count Dracula's lair.

If your TV room is a bit too domestic to do that sort of heavy lifting, horror-wise, make a date with downtown's own cathedral-like Theater at Ace and soak in the nicely vampiric setting and the live music conducted, and played, masterfully.

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