‘Dream Big' 3D: Engineering Wonders in IMAX

Explore how bridges, buildings, and more monumental works come together, at the California Science Center.

There are common experiences we all share throughout our day, even if we don't truly notice them as they happen.

But perhaps you're the sort of person who thinks, as they're driving over a bridge, "wow, a bridge!" or you can't quite get over how a roller coaster so smoothly sends riders upside down, and then rightside up again.

Engineering is the masterful force behind our everyday worlds, including our mammoth buildings and our sizable spans and, yes, our theme park favorites, the ones that have zazzy names and paint jobs but boast a lot of serious science at their cores.

A new IMAX film explores our skyscraper-major, underwater robotics-awesome world and the people who create it, STEM-style, with loads of imagination and creativity to boot. But there's only one place to see "Dream Big: Engineering Our World 3D" in Los Angeles, and that's at the California Science Center's IMAX.

Actor Jeff Bridges narrates the MacGillivray Freeman film, which has a partner in the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Viewers will sweep around the planet to visit the super-tall structures of Shanghai, The Great Wall of China, and those places where engineering goes beneath the waves, along the roads and rails, and up high, along the cables of celebrated bridges (we're looking at you, Golden Gate).

If you entered a building today, drove along a road, or used/visited/employed about a million other things that require an engineering mindset, a deeper dive into how science improves our world might be in order.

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Engineering wonders, after all, weave through our day-to-days, both noticed and unnoticed. But always needed, amazing, inspiring, and there to help life flow in a smoother, more efficient, straight-from-tomorrow sort of fashion.

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