Santa Ana

Dreamy Bubbles to ‘Pop' by an Ethereal OC Exhibit

Bubblefest XXIV delivers the iridescent orbs, science-cool activities, and the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show at Discovery Cube OC.


What to Know

  • July 10-Aug. 2
  • Discovery Cube OC in Santa Ana
  • Bubblefest tickets available now

THE DATES FOR THIS EVENT HAVE CHANGED. New dates: July 10-Aug. 2, 2020

How do you answer that time-honored and oft-asked question? The one that runs along the lines of "what's your favorite color?"

That's tricky, for sure, for we might like a warm red in wintertime and a cool blue come summer.

And while most of us will probably alight on a classic color wheel hue for our pick, there are those bubbly souls who have a more unusual response: iridescent.

If iridescent happens to be your favorite "color" then you surely are a bubble buff, the sort of person who'd never dare miss one of our region's most famous odes to orbs that float, drift, and pop with panache: Bubblefest.

If you've "popped" by this party in the past, you know it is one of the science-strong staples on the Discovery Cube OC calendar.

The Santa Ana-based celebration also coincides with spring break, which means you can expect the bubbles soon to float, thanks to the imminent arrival of spring.

The 2020 dates are March 26 through April 12, and there'll be more things to do than a kitchen sink boasts bubbles.

The Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is always a huge hit with bubble-obsessed tots and grown-ups alike, but an array of science demonstrations and you-try-it activities also round out the floaty fun.

As for "large bubble drum stations"? Those are a thing, as is a bubble wall.

Iridescent, of course, isn't a single color, but rather an airy swirl of rainbow-like magic.

But if you still stand by it, and claim that you like it better than orange, green, or purple, because of your love of bubbles, don't blow by this three-week-long lark: Bubblefest will soon turn 25, thanks to a quarter-century of showing fans the science, and wonder, behind the float-then-pop superstars of the soap world.

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