El Torito's Taco Tuesday Heads Home

Find your Family Fiesta Meal, and a pitcher of margaritas, at your local eatery.

El Torito

What to Know

  • Takeout or free delivery (orders over $20)
  • Family Fiesta Packs feed 4-6 and can include build-your-own tacos or fajitas or carnitas
  • Pitchers of margaritas are available to order, too

We'd never dare take a taco off of its well-deserved pedestal, or turn the taco-centered spotlight on another topic, but let's briefly touch upon the always piquant discussion surrounding Taco Tuesday.

Is the concept about tacos? Yes. And Tuesdays? Without argument.

Is anything else involved in Taco Tuesday? Well... yes. It's a tradition that, in the past, has often found pals hitting the corner taqueria at lunch, or parents going out for dinner with the kids.

The social aspect of the tastiest way to honor the second weekday has changed in recent weeks, but not the fact that Tuesdays, and tacos, still very much exist.

El Torito is still honoring the occasion by offering a taco-luscious option that is available for both takeout and delivery (which is free).

It's the Family Fiesta Pack, which gives you the chance to "build your own tacos, carnitas, or fajitas." As far as what the meal kit includes? Look for rice, refried beans or frijoles de la olla, and chips & salsa.

Four to six taco lovers may delicious dine upon it, for the price of $30 to $40.

And the restaurant is also selling, count 'em up, thirteen types of margaritas, by the pitcher, for people to sip at home. On the list? "House Margarita, Mango Margarita, Cadillac Pomegranate Margarita," and other classics made the salty cut.

The pitchers are $25 each.

Of course, if you're observing Taco Tuesday on Wednesdays during this time, no one would dare call you out on it. You may be honoring tacos on other days of the calendar, too, and to that we raised a stuffed-tortilla in your most excellent direction.

Whatever day you need your tacos on, your local El Torito is open, not for dine-in, but for takeout and, yep, that complimentary delivery on orders over $20.

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