Enjoy a Ye Olde Ren Faire ‘Sweetheart Special'

The popular springtime bash is just two months away, so get a ticket, now, for a song.

If you were thinking about shouting "hark!" or imploring friends to "hearken" at the moment, you're probably a) a fan of The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire and b) keeping an eye on the nearest ye olde calendar.

For the much-attended, well-joust'd, highly royal springtime lark is now less than two months away, which means the moment to "hark" it up, in anticipation of the multi-weekend festival's debut, is more than nigh.

Adding to the festival's coming-soon-nigh-ness is this delightful fact: There's a Valentine's sale on, which means it is good through Feb. 14 as well as Thursday, Feb. 15, when it ends at a minute before midnight.

All ladies and lords of this good land may enjoy the following: Buy two single-day tickets to Ren Faire for $45 during the faire's Sweetheart Special.

Forty five bucks in today's money, of course, and not the cash of 1535 or 1602.

You knew that, yes, and you know that $45 for two admissions to the Irwindale bash is a deal as juicy as a roasted turkey leg. (A single-day ticket is normally $29.95.)

Also juicy? "Tickets are valid any 2018 operating day! Huzzah!" huzzahs the Facebook posting about this goodly sale.

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Those operating days include every Saturday and Sunday from April 7 through May 20, 2018.

It's a weekends-only thing, Ren Faire, but it does happen over a plethora of weekends, and, as is tradition at this long-running merriment, there shall be several theme weekends and special happenings throughout.

So eye the schedule, find your friend or paramour or aunt or cousin, ask them if they want to go, listen and nod as they say "yes, of course, that's an odd question, Ren Faire rules," then purchase your $45 two-pack before the 15th day of February draws to a close.

Early April is on the horizon, and, with it, one of the old-timey-est occasions in all of the Kingdom of Southern Californialand. Let's have a spirited "huzzah" one more time for the road: huzzah!

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