Enter a Crayon Maze at a Mega Donation Drive

Donate and help our SoCal teachers at a Westfield Culver City exhibit.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 11 from 2-4 p.m.
  • Westfield Culver City
  • Donate crayons, enjoy a crayon maze, join an art activity

Some days, truly, it might feel as though we're exploring a crayon maze, especially if our kids have left an elaborate art activity smack in the middle of the den.

But even if there are a lot of crayons for us to step over and around, we will not ever have to make our way by 1,000,000 of the iconic color-producing sticks. (If you do happen to have a million crayons in your home, we do high five you and your commitment to extreme crayon projects.)

There is a wondrous place, however, where you can see that extreme number crayons, all gathered together, though sitting in plastic bins or cardboard boxes, they will not be.

Rather, these crayons will form a maze that you and your kids can wander through, as you call upon the One Million Crayon Drive & Exhibit.

Saturday, Aug. 11 is the date, Westfield Culver City is the location, Crayon Collection is the nonprofit behind the event. 

So what's to do, beyond the maze? There shall be activities involving copious amounts of crayons, Nickelodeon animators will cameo, dance presentations will sparkle, treats shall be enjoyed, and there are spots to "help pack crayons for teachers!"

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For our wonderful teachers are the focus of the important day, and how much they contribute, and all the good they do.

And to help them, everyone visiting the One Million Crayon Drive & Exhibit from 2 to 4 p.m. on the 11th is warmly invited to show with crayons to donate.

Did a teacher make a difference in your life? Did every teacher make a difference in your life? And do our educators continue to better our community, each day, in countless, long-lasting ways?

There's a lot to celebrate here, and much gratitude to share.

So please do donate a few unused crayons or crayon boxes, help pack crayons for teachers to take to their classrooms, and enter a maze made of 1,000,000 crayons, an eye-popping labyrinth that may give you inspiration the next time you pick up a crayon and grab a blank sheet of paper.

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