Enter a Hyper-Real Dreamscape at The Void

The new otherworldly experience at the Glendale Galleria whisks adventurers into strange and tangible realms.

What to Know

  • Glendale Galleria
  • A trio of experiences, including "Ghostbusters"
  • Tickets start at $29.95

There are dreams, as in those ethereal nighttime excursions we softly fall into while sleeping.

There are daydreams, as in those fanciful waking wanderings we take when imagining realms beyond our own.

Then there is The Void, a new "hyper-reality" experience located at the Glendale Galleria. 

It would easy and far too pat to say that this fresh and impressive take on a virtual reality adventure is somewhere between a dream and a daydream, for it possesses its own distinctive virtual vibe.

You're there, in the world, and moving around in space while occasionally handling physical items that may be one thing, in this reality, but in your goggles, and your mind, are totally another.

This is the "hyper" in "hyper-reality," and it is now threading through trio of fantastical otherworldly planes happening at the Glendale mall, including...

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"Ghostbusters Dimension" takes you into a vintage New York City building, one that is inhabited by a cadre of gleeful and ghoulish ghosts. Good thing you'll have a positron collider handy, should you be required to bust those ghosts. (Count on it.)

"Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire" whisks you to Mustafer, but where on the planet is the Imperial intelligence that you and your team seek? Finding it is key. You'll be in dressed not as a rebel, but as a Stormtrooper, which'll allow you move around without hassle or guff from the enemy... one hopes. Or will you?

"Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment" finds you in Victorian-era Chicago, in the empty buildings of the Chicago World's Fair, where incredibly creepy beings lurk unbidden. Creaky old-school elevators, narrow impromptu bridges, and puzzles to unpuzzle fill the freaky, old-timey trip into the past."

Indeed, the same tech-tastic outfit creating these worlds is behind The Void at Downtown Disney, which features "Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire."

There are a few to-knows before entering The Void, whatever hyper-realityverse you choose — travelers must be at least 10 or older, for instance — and there are new tales to anticipate, like a VR lark inspired by Wreck-It Ralph.

Tickets for each experience start at $29.95.

Eager to find a never-before-seen dream-like vision, one that involves neither the dreams of sleep nor our self-guided daydreams? With a hefty helping of technical wizardry and straight-from-tomorrow pizzazz?

Get to Glendale Galleria, strap on the backpack, the goggles, the headphones, and your bold sense of exploration, then turn your curiosity up, all the way, before stepping into The Void.

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