EW's Cape Town Film Festival Kicks Off

Blockbusters, brand-new and vintage-awesome, screen in Hollywood.

You ever wonder if Hollywood needs a vacation. We're talking about the heart o' Hollywood, cement hand-prints and plastic golden statuettes and sidewalk stars and all.

It's always busy with Hollywoody stuff, in short. Last week it hosted the TMC Classic Film Festival, plus the "Iron Man 3" screening and the "Fraggle Rock" 30th anniversary bash, all within one block. Next up? Another film festival, this one with a definite fanperson bent: Entertainment Weekly's Cape Town Film Festival.

If you know EW you know that Cape Town is the entertainment-drivin' entity's go-to for all things genre, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Which is what this fest, which unspools at The Egyptian through May 6, is all about. "Iron Man 3" opens the blockbuster-flavored proceedings, but there's some horror in the mix: John Carpenter's "The Thing." 

Just about the uncoziest snow movie of all time, that one. No fireplace, no cocoa,  no snuggling, just lots and lots of "is there a nasty, face-taking creature hiding in this research station?"

"Shaun of the Dead" is on the schedule, as is "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." A trio of stars, including Jason Schwartzman, are turning up. And director Edgar Wright? No face-taking snowbound creatures with Scott Pilgrim, thank goodness, but there is slackerified supernaturalia aplenty.

Other greats are set to show: Leonard Nimoy, Terry Gilliam, and who knows who else. American Cinematheque is a partner in this movie madness.

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Hollywood proper, we know you are always busy, always, but we like what you're doing, what with the entertaining us consistently. Keep at it.

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