Eye C-3PO's Hands, for Free, in Beverly Hills

A pair of mitts once belonging to the iconic "Star Wars" droid are on view at The Paley Center for Media.

What to Know

  • The Paley Center for Media
  • Free to see
  • Through Oct. 28; closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Movie mavens don't always focus on a character's hands, not when there are on-screen eyes to gaze at, a large face to behold, and other stand-out features that shimmer well beyond the reaches of the silver screen.

But C-3PO?

Now that's a character who uses his hands quite a bit.

The superstar "Star Wars" droid is either shepherding R2-D2 along to the next adventure, or waving his arms in exasperation at some bureaucratic hiccup, or holding his golden palms up in dismay at the sight of approaching Stormtroopers.

You can't fuss as famously, nor as amazingly, as this particular droid without doing a bit of talking with your metallic mitts.

And it just so happens that a pair of those movie star mitts have shown up at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. If you know your "Star Wars" flicks, through and through, you just might recognize them from "Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi," which is indeed the installment in which they appeared.

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But, like a landspeeder that's got to leave Mos Eisley before the setting of the suns, this special C-3PO memorabilia, which will soon be auctioned, will be gone from The Paley Center before long.

So best make your way to the television-focused institution for a close-up look at these treasures, which are on view along with several other film-tastic artifacts.

The main exhibit that these golden gloves just joined, along with a few other film-fun items? "Essentially Marilyn: The Exhibit," which celebrates the life and style of Marilyn Monroe.

Indeed, the "Star Wars" piece is now a part of the Marilyn show, at least for a few weeks, in addition to some other cosmic pieces. Look for the "original Mark Hamill 'Luke Skywalker' lightsaber from 'Star Wars: A New Hope,' as well as several articles worn by Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens."

Everything in the exhibit, which will remain on view through Sunday, Oct. 28, will go up for auction on Dec. 11-13 in Los Angeles. (The C-3PO hands are expected to fetch $40,000-$60,000.)

Other auction-ready gems from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "The Blues Brothers," "You Only Live Twice," "Back to the Future II," and more are part of the free-to-see Paley happening.

Planning to bid on C-3PO's hands?

Or perhaps something from one of the other movies represented by a piece in the exhibit?

No need to wave your arms in a fuss, like your favorite droid might do. Just be at The Paley Center for Media to see these dazzling digits, but do get there before Oct. 28, 2018. And best skip going on a Monday or Tuesday, when the television museum is closed.

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