Father's Day Tradition: Pasadena Chalk Festival

Look down, and all around, at artworks with a cement canvas.

Colorful chalk is a bit of a wonder. It's an easy-to-find art material that may be ably used by both kids and adults, and it isn't expensive, at least when compared with some tonier paints.

And of timely importance? Chalk doesn't melt.

That's a positive, seeing as how the annual Pasadena Chalk Festival, which is a Father's Day Weekend tradition 'round the Crown City, will unfurl during what is, without quibble, the hottest weekend thus far of 2016.

But the amazing artworks, the ones that use cement as canvases? Those will stay intact even if the thermometer flirts with three-digit territory. And even hotter than what the mercury might say: The Pasadena Chalk Festival is free.

Free, and a weekend-long affair, too, one that spreads out over a sizable chunk of Paseo Colorado. And while you could easily fill a morning gazing downward at the Impressionist-inspired, abstract-nifty, 3D-neato creations, there are lots of to-dos sprinkling the scene.

Like? There's a Kids Chalkland, where tots may make cars for their pops. Animation Alley salutes cartoon-y creations, and a Police Car Show on Sunday, June 19 summons the auto buffs.

Do note, as you make your way there, that the artists will be at work throughout the weekend, and pictures will be more fully fleshed out by Sunday afternoon (as compared to Saturday morning).

Don't let that deter you from visiting on the first day, however. Watching how an artist outlines her project, and starts to shape her vision, can be quite compelling.

Some umbrellas will be set up, surely, for artists to work beneath, and nearby restaurants and shops have shade, too, should you need it. Best pack your sun hat, though, and some sunblock, and your love for ephemeral, chalk-cool art that appears in a day or two and then disappears again nearly as fast. 

It's definitely an event from the "Seize the Day" files, which are fine files to visit as often as one can.

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