Film Fans, LA Conservancy Has Free Self-Guided Movie Tours

Spy the staircase'd splendor of The Bradbury Building, and other gems around town, via these free downloads.

LA Conservancy

What to Know

  • LRS Unseated: Self-Guided Filming Location Tours
  • The preservation group is sharing several self-guided tours focusing on some of our city's famous movie spots
  • Free to download; DTLA is available as of June 17, with more to come

Much like a movie's plot can boast several intricate and intertwined elements, particular months of the year can also rock oodles of movie-cool cred.

Take June, for example. True, the sixth month is a cinematically starry one, with several blockbuster-type flicks cramming the release schedule. It is also when the pop-up drive-ins, and outdoor film screenings, show up at parks and alfresco venues around Los Angeles.

And adding another thread to the movie-loving month's story? The fact that Last Remaining Seats, the decades-old fundraiser from the Los Angeles Conservancy, is also very much a joyful June thing.

That series, which traditionally takes place in some of our city's most storied movie palaces, will not be happening in 2021, much like 2020.

But to help film fans stay connected to the conservancy during a movie-less June, and to showcase our city's knack for providing famous films some truly famous settings, the team at LA Conservancy came up with LRS Unseated.

The "LRS" you surely understand, being an ardent fan of Last Remaining Seats. As for the "Unseated" part? That means you'll be on the go, on your own, finding various restaurants, streets, and corners where iconic movies scenes took place.

The Downtown Los Angeles self-guided tour was recently released, and it covers some biggies, with "Chinatown," "Ghostbusters," and "Blade Runner" on the list.

There are more neighborhoods still to come, so watch this page for more free downloadable tours (which were all created by the LRS Volunteer Committee). The self-guided look at Hollywood locations will be released on June 18, and West Los Angeles, Griffith Park, Koreatown, and The Valley will all roll out later in June.

As you and your favorite cinephile travel to these spots, you'll surely ask yourselves a few questions.

For example, did you know that a film made a particular location legendary already, or have you passed particular places not knowing about their headlining status?

Have you seen every film on the list?

And can you say, from memory, any of the lines that the stars in the movie said in that location?

Call it a fresh approach to June, a month that is movie-strong in so many memorable ways.

Last Remaining Seats is due to return to our fabled movie palaces in 2022, but strengthening your knowledge of classic film cred right now, and discovering how so many films found inspiration from the look of LA, seems like a sweet and cinematic way to start the summer of '21.

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