‘FLUTTER’ Through an Art-Immersive World

The creative La Brea Avenue experience will donate some of its ticket sales to the Born This Way Foundation.

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Photo by John Linden

What to Know

  • June 1 opening
  • 217 S. La Brea Avenue
  • $28

The provocative and way-cool idea of actually stepping inside an artwork?

There are a lot of questions swirling around that single question, for sure.

Are you the artist? (It's okay then.) Is there a sign inviting you inside? (Same deal.) Can the artwork be entered? (Nope, if it is a traditional painting or sculpture, yes, if it was constructed to include visitors.)

In short? Wandering through the interior of a visual idea, the expression of the inner thoughts of a talented artist, isn't something an art aficionado gets to do all that often, if ever.

But change, that splendidly shall, beginning on Saturday, June 1. That's when FLUTTER flutters into the spacious digs located at 217 S. La Brea Avenue.

The work of fifteen contemporary artists will be featured inside the "... innovative, immersive art experience, designed for anyone in search of being in an environment that evokes pure joy and happiness."

As exciting?

FLUTTER, as it is first introduced, will run for a half year. And then? Fresh pieces, installations, and rooms from new artists will be woven into the "sensory journey spanning multiple mediums."

Inaugural artists include Elise Peterson, Candy Chang, and Saya Woolfalk, as well as a host of creators who have seen their artworks at The Guggenheim, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and several other stellar institutions.

A ticket is $28, and part of the proceeds will support the Born This Way Foundation, which was founded by Lady Gaga. The foundation is committed to serving the mental wellbeing of young people in myriad ways.

Are you intrigued by the notion of art that you can play a part in, all by stepping inside and seeing it when you look up, down, and around? For sure: It's a fresh way of approaching creative connection.

"FLUTTER's purpose is to bring fine art to everyone," says founder Chris Dowson. "We invite you to participate, experience, interact, and share, in a fun, welcoming environment."

The founder hopes "connection to others" is one positive focus of FLUTTER, as well as the many educational programs that will pop up throughout the coming months.

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