Free: Avocado Fest at Angel City Brewery

The 21-and-over event, a weekend-long party, celebrates the Avocado Ale release.

Those not-Californians who would lampoon us, and satirize us, and cock an eyebrow at our particular ways of doing things, oftentimes first reference a singular fruit as evidence of our quirkiness before they commence tweaking the Golden State way of life.

It's the avocado that satirical sorts frequently summon, implying that we here in the 31st state won't sink a single fork tine into a dish before it is piled high with hefty slices of alligator pear.

You know what? Keep saying it, lampooners, because we do dearly love our avos around this region, and whether it is guacamole, or toast, or ice cream, or an omelet, we enthusiastically rock our 'cado cred.

In fact, some Californians even put avocados in beer, as evidenced by the weekend-long Avocado Fest at Angel City Brewery. That's right, weekend-long, for one day isn't enough for avocado aficionados to get down to the important business of devouring heapfuls of creamy green goodness.

The dates? Saturday, Aug. 5 and Sunday, Aug. 6, and, yep, this is a party for the 21-and-over set. The price? It's free to enter, but, yep, show with brew and bites cash. 

The Arts District brewery's famous Avocado Ale? That's the star of the weekend, with the can release happening on Friday, Aug. 4. 

A mural that anyone can join in to paint, live bands (hi, Waterparx, hi, The Kenwood Trio), contests built around the famous guest of honor (the avocado, of course), and more fun that definitely isn't "the pits" is on the afternoon-to-night daily schedules.

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Please. You can't write about avocados without a pits-based joke. There's a rule somewhere, surely.

It's the 5th annual Avocado Fest, by the way, in case you were pondering if avocados in beer is a thing that's new or a passing trend or here to stay.

The answer is "here to stay," because, really, what edible or beverage hasn't welcomed an avocado cameo thus far with open arms and enthusiasm? If edibles and beverages could be said to have open airs and/or enthusiasm?

The only thing we're not topping with avocado these days is another avocado, but surely that's a soon-to-be-trendy dish that's just around the creamy corner.

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