Free: FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit Opens

Eye the astounding outfits from 22 films released in 2016.

While we may never flaunt something as amazing as Superman's cape while strolling down the street, or a glittery crown fit for a storybook queen, or weighted shoes, the kind that keep us from flying into the air, we can easily explore these sartorial fantasies down at our local cinema.

For while we go to the movies to meet new characters (and some old friends), and to investigate unusual worlds, and to dive into a superb story for 90 or so minutes, let's be honest: We also frequent the theater in order to check out some dang cool clothes.

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising will once again bring those dang cool clothes down from the screen and onto display for several free-to-see-'em weeks. For the 25th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design opens on Tuesday, Feb. 7, and, once again, film fans can eye the iconic outfits they saw at the movies last year in up-close fashion.

Ah yes, that's one good-to-know specific about this popular exhibit: All the films represented, and there are costumes hailing from 22 films at the 2017 display, were released the previous year. Save one: The previous year's Oscar winner always returns to go on exhibition, which means mavens of "Mad Max: Fury Road" can once again admire Furiosa's and Max's desert-ready duds.

As for the released-in-2016 films, the 22 movies chosen to play a panache-filled part in the new costume display? "Hidden Figures," "Zoolander 2," "Suicide Squad," "La La Land," "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," "Fences," "Doctor Strange," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Hail, Caesar!," and "Love & Friendship" are in the 2017 costume-laden class.

Oh, and "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children," too. That display includes the whimsical "weighted" shoes that kept one of the film's characters from floating into the air.

Before you float downtown, to FIDM, to enjoy all of this cloth-based artistry, take note: The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 5 o'clock. And the exhibit? It's on through April 22, 2017.

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As mentioned, while movies require admission tickets, spying these sartorial showstoppers but from a few feet away is totally free, as is parking underneath the gallery.

What movie costume would you wear, while you sashayed down the street, if you had your druthers? A full spectrum of contemporary wearable creations is at FIDM, ready to enhance those movie-fan daydreams.

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