Free in Los Feliz: Halloween Film Pestival

The creepy-crawly screenings'll scurry at the Los Feliz 3 Cinemas. Eep.

Peter Stepanek

A bug scurrying across your patio? The critter is bound to be pretty small, probably, or even eensy, and if you were to hold the tip of your thumb out, to measure its size, it would appear to be even tinier than your nail.

A bug scurrying across a movie screen? That's going to be much, much larger. Your thumb will dwarfed by the bug, no doubt. Heck, the insect, in movie form, may be bigger than the whole row you're sitting in, a fascinating, if disconcerting, sensation.

Prepare to dig deeper into those deep bug-based emotions, as they pertain to the movies, at the inaugural Halloween Film Pestival. Presented by Western Exterminator, the Pestival will crawl, with colorful candy and competitions in tow, into the Los Feliz 3 Cinemas on Saturday, Oct. 21.

First up, the arthopod-tastic line-up of wormy works. "Bee Movie," "The Ant Bully," "Epic," "The Birds," "The Fly," "Big Ass Spider," and "Eight Legged Freaks" are all on the bill, so you can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of furry little legs, and multiple eyes, if you're up for catching all six flicks. 

But those aren't the only goodies caught in this particular web. The Halloween Film Pestival will also host cricket-eating contests — yum yum — and Halloween costume contests, too, so dress in your natty, or rather gnatty, best. 

Yes, if you have a gnat costume, or perhaps a grasshopper get-up, or some haute hornet couture, wear it. Though wings might be a bit tough to fold up when you take your seat at the cinema.

Unsolicited food for thought. You're welcome.

Speaking of food, every guest at the Pestival will leave with a insect-infused lollipop or piece of candy. Well, "leave" might be a stretch. If you eat yours there, then that's your decision.

And be sure to make time to stop by the bug-themed exhibit, to burnish your general entomology knowledge.

The hours on Oct. 21? 10 a.m. to 6:30 in the evening, a time span which may prove to be the buggiest of your Halloween season, if not your entire year.

Unless, of course, you're an actual insect, then life is generally bugtastic for you. Here's a high five, and another high five, and another high five... You get us. As a bug, you're blessed with many high-five-able appendages.

Tickets are free, but you'll need to RSVP for the films of your choice, as quickly as a bee buzzes in the direction of a hive.

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