Free Indie Art Fair Leaps into Pasadena

Jackalope returns with handmade cards, great tees, and lots of holiday gift potential.

What to Know

  • Central Park
  • Nov. 16 and 17, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Free admission

Does a jackalope leap? Or jump? Or hop? Or does it, well, lope, as its name might suggest?

Hmm. Hard to say.

We've never encountered an antler-rocking bunny before, though we keep our fingers crossed, and our fantasy-loving daydreams sharp, that we one day might.

But, for now, we have the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair, that every-so-often wonderland of handcrafted goods and really talented creative people behind the items.

The "every-so-often" bit is about to come to fruition, on Saturday, Nov. 16 and Sunday, Nov. 17, when the art fair leaps into the heart of Pasadena's Central Park.

Look for "over 200 makers" and an array of interesting items for sale, from beautiful stationery to goodies to display around your casa to a whole host of clever and lovely wearables.

This is where we're tempted to type "the holidays are coming," but then you already know that. So whether you choose to swing by the free event to shop for friends, or to pick up something nice for yourself, all while showing support for a local artisan, is up to you.

Why not both? That's our question. A little holiday shopping, a little something for the shopper, and repeat.

Food trucks, live music, and the other convivial add-ons found at such a sizable and sweet fair will fill the daytime to-dos with further festiveness.

It's that time. Craft fairs will be popping up more frequently in the weeks to come, and you'll long to stroll by booth after booth after booth.

Why not leap, hop, or lope over to the Crown City and jumpstart your most artisanally awesome holiday season ever?

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