Free Rodeo Concours to Feature 100+ Silver Cars

The Father's Day tradition returns for its silver anniversary and a lot of silver cars.

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 17
  • Free
  • Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (200, 300, 400 blocks)

Ever come across two cars of the same color, sitting side by side in a parking lot? How about three cars, all about the same red or blue, traveling down the freeway? Or, wow, even four?

It's one of those random sights that can feel a little lucky, or special, prompting us to make a wish, right then and there. The rest of our day, after coming across four yellow cars, all in a row, is going to be just swell, for sure.

Now picture, over three sizable blocks, a whole big bunch of cars, well over 100, and each is the very same color.

A statistical improbability? An auto lover's daydream and nothing more?

Or will it be a reality, on Sunday, June 17, when the Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance, the annual free event that fills out a good chunk of celebrated thoroughfare, invites a passel of the finest dream machines, all silver, to park and stay awhile?

In fact it will be a reality, as the popular Father's Day event celebrates its 25th, or silver, anniversary in 2018.

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And to honor the silvery nature of the occasion? Only silver cars will be included in the Beverly Hills bash, making for one dazzling palate of pretty, vroom-vroom machinery.

Past Concours have included themes like "The Fast Lane" as well as celebratory focuses on particular types or makes of cars. And, of course, there was that one especially fancy year when a Learjet visited Rodeo Drive (that year would be 2013).

So how will an all-silver gathering go? The gleam'll be high, the hood ornaments posh, the cars as primo as primo vehicles get, and the looking, as always, shall cost zero dollars.

The daydreams are free, too, if you're wondering.

What kind of wish will you make after seeing 60 or 70 silver cars, all sitting in a row?

Best start planning now: Father's Day is a little over a month away.

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