Fried Chicken Sundays Add Festive Flavor to Ollo Malibu

Cornbread with honey butter is part of the special, weekend-ending meal.

Ollo Malibu

What to Know

  • 23755 Malibu Road in Malibu
  • Delivery & curbside pick-up
  • Dishes are sold a la carte, with an eight-piece fried chicken bucket priced at $30

It's tastily true to claim that most meals are mostly available most of the time at a restaurant, even as unusual specials and spotlight dishes rotate through the calendar.

But something rarer?

When an eatery does what a lot of people do at home: Serve a specific dish on a specific night of the week, all to make life a touch more celebratory.

If you're a fan of Pizza Friday, or Meatless Monday, you're likely already a devotee of this sort of day-specific foodie-ism.

And Ollo Malibu? The stylish comfort-foodery is setting out to make wintertime Sunday nights more celebratory.

How? By creating a short and mouthwatering menu that can only be found on the final evening of the weekend.

And if you crave cornbread with honey butter, kale slaw, and good things with gravy, prepare to meet Fried Chicken Sundays.

The Malibu Road restaurant, "a family purveyor of locally sourced California cuisine with Mediterranean influences," is still cooking up its everyday menu favorites on Sunday nights, for sure, if you want a burger or pizza.

But if Fried Chicken Sundays sounds like the sort of cozy cuisine you and your family might be craving before another week begins, take a look at the a la carte menu, which smashed potatoes and maple whip.

The eight-piece bucket of fried chicken, the centerpiece of the Sunday special? It's $28, while the sides run from $2 to $6.

So what's your supper plan most Sunday nights? Is it something special? End the weekend, and say hello to the week, with something a little feasty and flavorful from Ollo Malibu.

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