Grateful Customers Treated a Local Restaurant Staff to Eats, Drinks

Two Playa Provisions fans started a robust chain of give-back goodness; after the eatery shared on social media, dozens of others joined in.

Playa Provisions

What to Know

  • Playa Provisions is open for takeout and delivery
  • 119 Culver Boulevard, Playa del Rey
  • Fans from across the country called in donation orders for restaurant staffers

Saying "thank you" to the staff of a favorite restaurant?

That can happen in numerous nice ways, from terrific reviews to gracious gratuities.

But the challenges of the pandemic, specifically in the dine-out sphere, has prompted some customers to go further in showing the employees of a cherished eatery how much they really care.

Two Playa Provisions fans recently did just that, by buying and donating a meal, via the online ordering system, to a staff member of the Playa del Rey restaurant.

"Top Chef" winner Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts, Chef Williamson's husband, shared the customers' kind note on the restaurant's Instagram.

"We live in Texas," the note revealed, "but back when traveling was a thing... we loved you guys. So we want to buy someone breakfast today."

"If someone in staff is hungry let them eat or just pick someone. Love Donielle and Jaclyn."

After the note went live on Jan. 10, a "pay it forward"-type chain flowered, with other customers and social media followers wanting to do the same good-hearted thing.

The restaurant soon saw "dozens more donation orders" arriving in a fast and friendly fashion.

The orders were for ".. full meals, post-shift drinks, treats to take home, etc.," all intended to brighten the day of the Playa Provisions staffers.

Make that days, for donation orders continued into the early part of the week.

There were so many donation orders, in fact, that the restaurant looked to the community to continue the feel-good moment.

"As a result of the outpouring love and support, Playa Provisions donated the extra food + drink orders to the local first responders at the Playa del Rey and the Fire Department," shared the eatery's team.

"Today, the restaurant is even seeing kind notes and orders from folks overseas, and is feeling an outpouring amount of love after what has been a really difficult year."

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