Getting to the Heart of the Brain

TEDx visits Caltech for an invigorating discussion on all things gray matter.

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What would we do without our brains?

Not literally, of course (rumor has it we take them with us wherever we go). But pop culture would be less without a certain upstairs organ to reference.

You've heard the saying "the brain is the only organ to have named itself?" And you've watched the countless B movies that have sensationalized monster-human brain transplants in lurid Technicolor? 

Yep, the brain is a superstar on all counts: film, novels, science, and life.

The California Institute of Technology and TEDx are ready to celebrate all of that cerebralness, in ways that are both high-minded and highly cheeky, on Friday, Jan. 18.

The name of the event-packed day? The Brain. (Easy enough for a brain to remember.)

On the schedule? Talks from people who know about the organ, think about the organ, and have theories as to all of the brain's whys and hows and becauses.

If you know TEDx, you know that the chitchat will be an invigorating mix of highbrow science and not-quite-so-highbrow everything-else-ness.

And if you know TEDx, you know this booked up practically when it was announced. But, good news: A waiting list has been started, and televisions may be set up outside of the proceedings at Caltech. You love the brainy Pasadena campus? You love your brain? Sign up.

Perhaps all Januarys to come can feature such a brain-focused event. The holidays are very much about the heart, with our gray matter playing second fiddle. Though, of course, our uppermost organ is the seat of our emotions, right? Regardless of what the long-ago poets might claim?

Sounds like a ready-made debate for TEDx and Caltech to take on, for our enjoyment, entertainment, and education.

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