‘Gilmore Girls': Pop-Up Coffeehouses in LA

Enjoy a cup of java at Luke's (aka a local coffeeshop playing the TV location for a day).

Pop-ups arrive in all sorts of quirky guises, from the popular restaurant- or food-themed event to the shopping-focused happening to the occasional pop-up, one-night-only museum.

There've been pop-up parks around Southern California, and there's a pop-up insect cuisine to-do still to come.

But for fans of the "Gilmore Girls," the still-obsessed-over, oh-so-beloved series that aired from 2000-2007 (first on The WB, then The CW), a pop-up that transports visitors to Luke's Diner would be an on-the-screen dream come to life.

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That dream is happening at points around the country on Wednesday, Oct. 5 when select local coffeehouses are paying homage to the series, and Luke's, with free coffee.

Of course, you have to be one of the first people in the door to score your cup of java, and the event starts at 7 a.m. (so rise, shine, et cetera). Other thematic goodies relating to the show, which depicted Lorelai Gilmore, her daughter Rory, and their hilarious but homey adventures around the fictional burg of Stars Hollow (and beyond), are in store at the pop-ups. 

Will fans be discussing the Nov. 25, 2016 Netflix reunion, "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"? You bet. After all, this coffee-scented promotion is very much tied to the show's anticipated return.

Can you find a pop-up in Long Beach, Studio City, and Beverly Hills on Oct. 5, as well as others around California? That's the plan, fans, so check and see what spot is closest to you.

True, the coffeeshops playing a part in the event will still look like themselves, but you can see Luke's Diner, or at least the exterior, by hopping on a Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Burbank.

The caveat: If there's filming on the back lot, your tram will have to avoid the area, but if you pick the right day, you'll toodle by Luke's, Stars Hollow, and perhaps some of the houses seen on the series.

Could you have a coffee at the pop-up and then hop on a tour in Burbank later in the day, making it a full-on Gilmore-themed extravaganza?

If you're in Southern California, that's a possibility, as here's the secret: Stars Hollow, or at least its locations, can be found right here in LA.

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