Golden Road Ghouls Will Spirit Suds to You on Brew-o-Ween

A werewolf, vampire, or other eerie icon will stop by your place on Halloween in full and frightful make-up, all to make the dastardly delivery.

Golden Road Brewing

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 31 from 6-10 p.m.
  • "Wolves, ghouls, and other terrifying creatures" are making the socially distanced deliveries. Inside the $45 kit? Four six packs and "a Halloween treat"
  • Drop-offs will be made within a six-mile radius of the Atwater Village pub

If you've even seen one or two scary films, you know the thrilling drill: Do not, under any circumstances, invite a creature of the night, whether it is a werewolf, vampire, or other supernatural icon, to your home.

But there is an asterisk to the rule, and it is this: If you're 21 or over, and you enjoy the fine foams of Golden Road Brewing, and it is Halloween night, then, by all means, ask for a macabre monster to swing by, if they can.

For Golden Road Brewing is celebrating "Brew-O-Ween" in 2020 by making home deliveries to several local neighborhoods on the evening of Oct. 31.

The horror-themed headline? The kind delivery person will be sporting some super-spooky make-up and clothing, all to summon the occasion's eerie aura.

A Halloween treat will also be included, in addition to a quartet of Golden Road six packs.

And, yes, the good-hearted ghoul wielding your Golden Road Brewing Halloween kit will remain socially distanced, and you should, too.

Just because magic will be in the air doesn't mean politeness and courtesy should fly out the window as fast as a bat.

You'll need to live within six miles of Golden Road's Atwater Village brewery to receive the $45 kit. Mango Cart Wheat Ale, Hazy Pup IPA, Golden State Cerveza, and Wolf Pup Session IPA are the beers you can choose from (select one of each six pack or go for four of the same, if you like).

Be prepared to show your ID, too, because while fantastical figures like vampires possess vast knowledge, they need to see legal proof that you are age 21 or older.

And here's a tantalizing twist: A trio of "lucky winners" will enjoy a magical and musical drive-by from the Sanderson Sisters.

The magical group will be performing from a decked-out vehicle, one that has the autumnal air of a hayride, so, if you win, have your camera ready to capture this upbeat expression of Halloween.

The Golden Road crew says they have "missed a lot of magic" in 2020, which is one of the main and merry reasons behind the dastardly but delicious deliveries (and the Sanderson Sisters hayride, too).

For more on this one-night-only happening, mwah-ha-ha in this direction now.

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