Golden Road Launches the ‘Sip While You Wait' Program

Waiting on a back-ordered summer-themed item? The brewing company is treating 21+ fans to Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer.

Golden Road Brewing

What to Know

  • Show Golden Road Brewing a receipt of a back-ordered product and receive a $13 rebate for a seltzer product
  • Suggested items include patio umbrellas, roller skates, and such
  • "Offer ends on 9/22/21, or when total redemptions reach $13,000," says the company

Practicing true patience, deep empathy, and authentic understanding?

We all try to incorporate a higher level of relating to the world in our day-to-day pursuits, it might be accurately and sympathetically said. For sometimes a little time, room, and considerateness can help to make the interconnected gears turn a bit more smoothly.

Golden Road Brewing gets that we get that, and to add a bit more ease, patience, and sociable spirit to the summer of '21, the started-in-SoCal craft brewers have an offbeat offer afoot.

It's called the "Sip While You Wait" Program, and it works like this: If you're 21 or older, and you're waiting on a summer-related product that is currently on back order, Golden Road will treat you to its Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer.

There are a few steps to take to snap this fizzy and flavorful sip, like showing proof that the item you're waiting for, which include "... roller skates, bikes, outdoor furniture, kayaks, pool floaties, beach towels and paddle boards," is delayed. (Oh yes, and that you already purchased it, of course.)

And, for sure: The 12-pack of Fruit Cart is strictly available for the 21+ crowd, so that's part of the deal, too.

The offer ends with the arrival of fall: Sept. 22, 2021 is the final day of "Sip While You Wait." Unless, that is, redemptions top out at $13,000 prior to that date. (All the details are available on this site.)

But if you're a Southern Californian, you know that our very warmest days are still to come, so when that pool floatie or beach towel does arrive, there will still be plenty of time to enjoy it before the chill of autumn blows in.

Summer, it is often and accurately said, is the easiest and breeziest of seasons. Practicing that easy-breeziness in our own lives, in all the ways, feels like meeting the season in a sunshiny spirit of gratitude.

Sensing that spirit? Read more now about Golden Brewing's offer.

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