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Grab a Map and Go on This Family-Fun Garden Search

South Coast Botanic Garden is celebrating "Bulbs in the Garden" weekend, with an airy, stretch-a-leg activity.


What to Know

  • Bulbs in the Garden Weekend at South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Advance reservations and masks are necessary
  • March 25-27, 2021; special art installations will be up through the three-day event (advance reservations necessary)

Bulbs, those orb-shaped, often-knobby, plant-them-early, flower-producing wonders?

They're hidden by soil for weeks or months at a time, but we know that, when the moment is right, all sorts of colorful wonders will spring fabulously forth, from daffodils to irises to tulips.

To celebrate its bulb-beautiful specimens, and to give families a way to find sunny, get-spring-break-started fun, South Coast Botanic Garden is throwing a "Bulbs in the Garden" happening, one that will flower over three delightful days.

Those days are March 27, 28, and 29, but note that you'll need to have a reservation before you arrive at the Palos Verdes Peninsula-based property. (And do remember your mask, too.)

Once there, you'll receive "... a special map that will guide you on a nature walk to discover our latest blooming bulb plants, including daffodils, and irises." Call it an adventure of the airiest sort, one that involves seeking, discovery, and the bounty of nature.

The petals are truly in showy form as April draws near, so whether you're a bulb buff or prefer the other shrubs, plants or trees of South Coast, there should be plenty to admire.

Mind-quieting breaths of the deepest variety? Thoughts that float to the sky? This is an ideal place to entertain such peaceful pursuits.

And speaking of finding things to admire? Look for the garden's pop-up art installation as you saunter about.

It features "... four show-stopping chandelier vignettes featuring bulbs of a different kind." Elegant chandeliers, typically a feature of the indoors, make for a stunning sight when placed in a natural backdrop.

More springtime beauty is ahead for the destination. SOAR opens on April 1, and fans of the flutterby, we mean the butterfly, we'll want to fluttery by themselves.

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