Grand Park Delish: LA Times Night Market

Bludso's BBQ, Kogi BBQ, Guerrilla Tacos, and a raft of major foodie hot spots'll appear over the five-night feast-fun event.

The fountain-pretty, bench-nice, walkway-laden stretch of grass that runs from Music Center Plaza to City Hall has seen some memorable parties since its initial debut just over five years back.

But, for the most part, those parties have a way of wrapping up after an evening, and revelers who enjoyed the scene must be content with knowing it could be another year before the bash comes back around.

That won't be the case with the first annual Los Angeles Times Night Market, which will set up shop at the 12-acre open space for a full five nights.

Make that consecutive nights, meaning if you visit the park on Wednesday, May 10 for a nosh, and a libation, and you dig it, you can return on May 11, 12, 13, and 14. Which, of course, is Mother's Day, so if Mom's a regular food Instagrammer with a special love for local vittles, that could be your gourmand go-out.

The Los Angeles Times Night Market is part of the larger Food Bowl, "...a month-long love letter to the food scene in L.A.," and it will include 50 booths with a starry array of those celebrated chefs, and eateries, currently making tums smile across our meal-major region.

Bludso's BBQ is joining, as is Jitlada, and Holy Cow, The Poke Shack, Side Chick, and WP24. On the "trucks and street vendors" front? Locol will be there, and Dogtown Dogs, and Bling Bling Dumpling, and Stickhouse Gelato, too.

Admission: free, very free, so free, just show up and don't worry about paying for entry. Unless, of course, you want to visit the Super Market area, which comes with additional booths and bars and such. That's ten bucks per adult, and $5 for a child.

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Food and beverages: Not free, as expected, so come ready to buy your tostada, and poke bowl, and rice, and ribs.

How much will you have? How can you try it all? That's always the question. Always.

Music, as in the live, right-there kind, will serenade diners as they stroll 'n sup. Diners who may even want to catch the Metro home — the Red Line is only a short saunter from Grand Park.

One note? While the Night Market is a nifty, consecutive-nights kind of thing, hours vary a bit between some of the evenings, so eye the opening/closing situation before you hop your train downtown.

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