Hot Dogs

Great Chefs Team With Dog Haus to Fashion Fancy Franks

The Chef Collaboration Series, which will continue through 2021, will raise money for No Kid Hungry.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • Through 2021; a new hot dog will pop up each quarter
  • The Absolute Brands, a virtual restaurant group that includes the hot dog chain, will feature exclusive chef-created items
  • No Kid Hungry will receive a dollar from each hot dog sold

Like nachos, baked potatoes, and chili, a well-made frankfurter can serve as the tasty base for hundreds, if not thousands, of tempting toppings.

Oh yes, and there's the bun, too, adding wrap-around, frankfurter-encasing intrigue to the savory situation.

Dog Haus, which started in Pasadena just over a decade ago, and is now found in several cities around the Southern California, embraced this dog-dressing concept early.

But just because artisanal offerings have appeared on the Dog Haus menu from the get-go doesn't mean the eateries haven't striven to travel further in the realm of fancying-up frankfurters.

Enter the ultra-appetizing, oh-so-give-back-ing Chef Collaboration Series.

The Dog Haus team has formed a number of creative partnerships with lauded chefs over the years. The result? Food pros have created fresh franks, with their own signatures, all to help raise money for No Kid Hungry.

Good news as we begin 2021, frankfurter fans: That series will continue through the new year.

A quartet of chefs will be featured, with Sam Zien ("Sam the Cooking Guy") starting things off with the Mr. Miyagi, "... a deep-fried beef dog topped with mayo, teriyaki sauce, caramelized onions, tempura crumbles and wasabi furikake, served on grilled King's Hawaiian rolls."

Find it at your local Dog Haus, for pick-up or delivery, through March 31, 2021.

And speaking of pick-up and delivery? Dog Haus is now part of the recently launched The Absolute Brands, which focuses on great foodstuffs available for pick-up and delivery.

To help spotlight this new venture, each chef will also create a dog-tastic goodie for The Absolute Brands, so you'll want to keep an eye on what's popping up in the virtual realm by watching the Dog Haus social pages.

Something shared by both the Chef Collaboration Series hot dog you'll buy at Dog Haus and the one you'll purchase through The Absolute Brands?

A dollar from each item sold will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

"True to our innovative spirit, Dog Haus is expanding this year's Chef Collaboration Series to provide even more unique creations to our fans," said Dog Haus Partner Hagop Giragossian.

"We've seen undeniable success with The Absolute Brands since we launched the restaurant group in March, so it makes perfect sense for us to extend the series to include each concept."

"In 2021, we’ll be serving guests up to eight different limited-time items created by each culinary genius we partner with. And, the best part is, we'll be donating to No Kid Hungry with every purchase!"

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