Guac Lobster: Maradentro Brentwood

The snacky foodstuff meets seafood, at Maradentro Brentwood.

If we didn't catch the opportunity to spend Super Bowl Sunday reflecting upon the complex and captivating nature of chips and dip, we're going to get another opportunity to do so on Wednesday, March 23.

Your calendar is marked, we'll assume, for the auspicious event. For National Chip and Dip Day is not an occasion that a committed aficinado of crunchy, salty snacks would let pass without notice. 

Is a bowl of something creamy and scoopable and a triangle of something baked and zesty an elegant foodstuff or more on the homey side of the menu? We'll vote homey, as we're more likely to consume chips and dip in front of the television than at a swanky restaurant. The all-dip restaurant hasn't opened, as of yet, though we hope if one ever does it starts with 20 kinds of onion dip, all made from zingy powders.

There are a few exceptions to this not-so-solid rule, and they are queso and guacamole. As far as dippable restaurant dishes go, the cheesy concocation and avocado-yummy opener rule the starter course. 

But will your National Chip and Dip Day foray into guac-y goodness or queso creaminess be simply about traditional recipes or something new? Look to the newly opened Maradentro Brentwood, which boasts a queso and a guac that incorporate a seafood element.

The Crabiqueso tips its flavorful hand as to its star ingredient: Lump crab, which joins melted cotija, parmesan, oaxaca, house chorizo, poblano, and mushrooms fill out the interesting take on melty cheese.

The Guacamole de Langosta incorporates lobster, as "langosta" suggests, as well as serrano chile, red onion, cilantro, nueske bacon, and, that heart of a guac, the avocado (Hass, in this case).

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Are you a seafoodist with mad affection for chips and dip? But you've never seen your two great loves come together? Perhaps National Chip and Dip Day is your moment to meld the two. 

Maradentro Brentwood is located at 1168 S. Barrington Avenue.

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