Guinness Record Attempt: Halloween Candy Unwrap

Scare-loving sweet-toothers'll go for the record books at ScareLA.

If you had to guess what sort of Guinness World Record attempt would be made at a Halloween-themed convention, what would you alight upon first?

The most dancers doing the "Thriller" claw hands? The most people dressed like zombies? The loudest scream or the longest time for holding one's arms out stiffly, a la Frankenstein's monster?

Those should all probably be in the Big Book o' Guinness, and some in the spooky theme likely are. But the ghoulish revelers at ScareLA, the ever-growling -- er, ever-growing -- early-August Halloween convention, are going to go for something a little stickier and sweeter.

At 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8, a whole heck of a lot of Halloweenies'll gather at the Pasadena Convention Center to go for this particularly quirky record: the most Halloween candy being unwrapped at the same time.

How much is "most" here? Well, organizers have put the call out for one thousand Scaries, the completely presh name for people who attend the everything-October-31st gathering.

Signs point to it happening, given that over 200 people have already signed up to participate as of the third week in July.

So picture it: One thousand people unwrapping candy at the same time. That number of people is probably slightly larger than the neighborhood crowd that used to dump their sweet-packed plastic pumpkins on the rug in your den, post-trick-or-treating. But maybe about the number of candy-unwrappers seen in the nut factory owned by Veruca Salt's father in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

No word as to what will happen after the paper comes off the sugary goodies, but one imagines all or most of the 1000+ unwrappers will pop that stuff in their mouths, lickety split.

Candy purveyors Sticky and Sweet! in Hollywood are co-hosting the record-breaker, and participants will depart with some Sticky sweets.

How are your fingers? Nimble? Can they still unsheath a sucker or nougat bar in no time flat? If you plan on attending ScareLA, you may need to put this commendable talent to work. And you'll want to register, too.

Do note that you should be a convention attendee to participate, so plan on spending the afternoon at August's eeriest scene. 

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