Halloween Fans Are Decorating Right Now

Dubbing March 31 as "Quarantine-o-Ween," lovers of spooky celebrations are looking to their favorite holiday for cheer.


What to Know

  • March 31
  • Some Halloween lovers will decorate, watch scary movies, eat candy, or otherwise celebrate the October holiday while they are #SaferatHome
  • Nope, there will not be trick-or-treating, repeat, NO trick-or-treating

Halloween is not a holiday that's built around social distancing.

There are all of those adorable trick-or-treaters crowding at your front door, of course, and costumed monsters lurking near you in shadowy mazes, and the whole act of bobbing for apples?

Yeah. That is a major social distancing faux pas.

But adoring the sights, symbols, and celebratory traditions surrounding the final day of October is something that plenty of people do throughout the year, even when they're #SaferatHome.

Especially here, in Southern California, which is the longtime home to so much movie and monster make-up and set building magic.

Which means that more than a few people will be adding a few eerie touches to their yards and windows on March 31, which has been dubbed "Quarantine-o-Ween" by the Halloween-loving community.

Some Christmas fans around the country were rehanging lights on their houses a week or so ago, all to give their neighbors a smile. And the teddy bears popping up in our windows? Those aren't tied to a holiday, but they're lending cheer to families out on walks around their neighborhoods.

But how will an inflatable jack o'lantern on the lawn look next to a neighbor who already has her giant bunny and basket up in the yard?

It's a true holiday mash-up, one that is giving Halloween fans an upbeat, around-the-house project to pursue, and some comfort, too, during these #stayathome days.

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