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Halloween Meets Valentine's Day at NHMLA

The Natural History Museum will screen "Creature from the Black Lagoon" on Feb. 14 for those looking to celebrate Halloweentine's.


What to Know

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
  • Friday, Feb. 14
  • Screening + additional events


It's an occasion that never seems to get its own designated aisle at the greeting card store.

For the happening, which is really a mash-up of October's most eerie occasion and February's heartsiest holiday, isn't something that is often seen or celebrated.

But sometimes the scary stuff and gooey feelings are paired up, perfectly, in a night that is made for monster mavens who possess a soft spot for love.

Such a night will roar into the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles on Friday, Feb. 14, making it, yes, a great Valentine's outing, if your honey happens to have a penchant for horror.

For that's when the dino-packed, artifact-ancient repository will screen "Creature from the Black Lagoon," as part of its larger exhibition called "The Natural History of Horror."

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That display, which delves into "The Science of Scary," is haunting the Exposition Park destination through April 19, 2020.

But a skin-tingling screening? That's a more unusual treat.

And speaking of treats, "complimentary light snacks" will be available at the event, and beverages can be purchased.

Look also for a demo involving special effects make-up, and a "hands-on workshop," and a "special performance," too, in addition to the sloshy screening.

No need to wear your waders or swimsuit, though. The splashy stuff'll be up on the screen, while you'll stick to the side of your sweetheart, a sweetheart who happens to love Halloweentine's best.

Is that your favorite non-existent but should-probably-exist holiday? Slosh on to the NHMLA site for more on this offbeat way to swim into Valentine's Night.

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