Halloween Vibes to Thrill a San Fernando Valley Drive-In

Eight eerie classics will shimmer onto the screen over four October evenings.


What to Know

  • Oct. 16, 17, 23, and 24
  • Westfield Fashion Square
  • $20 General Admission (each person in the car needs a separate ticket), $55 Family/Group Pack

Naming something that's especially eerie about an automobile?

There's nothing too chilling about our rides, unless we put a bumper sticker from a favorite haunted house on the back, or we listen to skin-prickling podcasts while we drive, the scary stories that make us check the rearview mirror to make sure the backseat is monster-free.

But sitting inside a parked car while a classic and creepy flick plays on the screen seen through our windshield?

Things can eerie-up, fast.

The dashboard light can take on a weird glow. Your glovebox seems to creak when opened. And the moisture on the windows? It's ghostly in form.

If this is all your October-style jam, then secure your tickets to the San Fernando Valley Halloween Drive-In, which will eek-out automobile-occupying film lovers over four spooky nights.

Those nights?

October 16, 17, 23, and 24. The films? "Edward Scissorhands," the original "Pet Sematary," "Labyrinth," "Child's Play," "Casper," "Poltergeist,", "Hotel Transylvania," and "Scream."

Tickets are flying faster than a pack of bats, so you'll want to consider if you'd like an individual ticket, priced at $20 (and, yep, everyone in the car will need their own) or a Family/Group Pack, which is $55.

Is the dashboard light in your car taking on a ghoulish glow now that fall is on the way? Find your way to Westfield Fashion Square, over four fall evenings, to pair drive-in fun with some classic scare-it-up cinema.

The My Valley Pass event follows other recent pop-up drive-in nights, with some films focusing on flicks made around the San Fernando Valley.

It's a drive-in series that's been around for a few years now, even before drive-in theaters made a return over the summer of 2020. Want to support this SFV-loving outfit? Begin here.

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