A Very Happy 238th Birthday, Los Angeles

Join a walk from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo, and enjoy some celebratory cake at the conclusion.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 24
  • San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo de Los Angeles
  • 6 a.m. start time

Rising with the sun on the day of a big birthday celebration?

Most people have likely done so at some point in their lives.

Either they are the birthday-haver, and they can't sleep from the excitement, or they need to stage a large-scale celebration, one that requires rolling out of bed early and prepping a hundred different things.

But a number of Southern Californians will be up at dawn on Saturday, Aug. 24, all to join the annual walk from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo Historical Monument.

It's a nine-mile route, or just under, and it takes a few hours to complete, but there is something sweet waiting at the final resting point: birthday cake, in honor of our city's 238th anniversary.

The course that the early-morning saunterers will saunter along is one laden with history. Gaze back several generations and you'll find that it is the route los pobladores employed in 1781.

Even today, people who count these first settlers among their ancestors participate in the event, as does anyone who wants to commemorate our city's founding on this most special occasion.

Or, yes, in advance of that occasion, for LA's anniversary is Sept. 4.

That's a weekday in 2019, and the pobladores walk always takes place on a Saturday, so more people can join.

Start time on the 24th is at 6 a.m. at San Gabriel Mission, and there are a few interesting things to do once you reach El Pueblo, including "... a special panel discussion on the history of Los Angeles Jazz and Blues music with legendary jazz artist Barbara Morrison & Jerzy 'George' Kossek at 11:30 a.m. in the Gateway to Nature Center LA."

Michael "Hawkeye" Herman, a blues educator, will also speak at 1 p.m. at the center.

Do plan on sticking around for live tunes, and dance, too.

And, you bet, that all-important cake. It's all free, including joining the walk, but if you want to do lunch at Olvera Street or in DTLA after, have funds.

And have you ever been to a 238th birthday party? This, for everyone, will likely be a festive first.

Happy birthday, LA!

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