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Help Hatch a Name for the Big Bear Lake Eaglet

Jackie and Shadow's tiny tyke emerged from its egg on March 3; now it needs a majestic moniker, and you can help.

Friends of Big Bear Valley

What to Know

  • The hatchling debuted on March 3, 2022; fans from all over the world were able to watch, thanks to a camera placed near the nest
  • The youngster's parents are Jackie and Shadow, the world-famous Big Bear Lake bald eagles
  • A naming fundraiser is now open through March 25; there are several prizes, and local 3rd graders will have the final say about the chick's name

Fuzzy? Winger? Beaky? Egberta or Egbert? Birdie?

So many possible names spring to mind when a person is observing a brand-new, ultra-fluffy, bobble-of-noggin cutie.

And plenty of people had been ardently admiring such a cutie, since Thursday, March 3, when a hatchling busily broke through its egg, an egg sitting in a nest near Big Bear Lake.

For thousands of eagle aficionados, from points around the globe, were keeping a close watch on the nest belonging to Jackie and Shadow, two celebrated bald eagles that regularly winter near the shore of the lake.

Winter, and, sometimes, if all goes well, welcome new eaglets to the family.

And a new eaglet indeed arrived, just a few days into March 2022, following a few weeks of incubation.

Jackie laid her first egg of the season on Jan. 22, and another on Jan. 25, with only one producing an eaglet within the expected time frame (the other egg has remained pip-free, and unhatched, and can still be seen in the nest).

There've been many aww-worthy moments since the long-necked little one made its joyful entrance, with numerous followers observing every move, and commenting on the Youtube page overseen by Friends of Big Bear Valley, the group that helms the tree camera.

But best pause your aww-ing, at least for a few minutes, and set your eaglet-obsessed imagination to the next task: Finding a name for this small superstar.

Friends of Big Bear Valley opened the naming fundraiser on March 9, 2022. One entry is ten dollars, three entries will go for $20, and if you want to donate $50 to the group?

You'll score ten chances to think up a nice and noble name. Will you go with a majestic theme? Something that summons the spirit of the sky, nature, eternity? Or perhaps a tribute to a loved one or a hero? So many inspirational ideas await.

How the chick's fresh handle will be chosen is as adorable as the chick: Local 3rd graders will vote on the name, once 35 names have been drawn after the contest closes on March 25.

There are a number of prizes, including an eagle tapestry and framed photos, plus some plush eagles, too.

And this is also sweet: If you are really keen on a particular name, you are invited to submit it as often as you like (so, for sure, you can use all ten entries for the same name, again and again, if you go for the $50 option).

A helpful tip? Thinking "non-gender specific," when mulling names, is the recommendation here.

For more on the rules, spread your wings and soar to this info-packed post.

For daily videos of this diminutive heart-stealer, best follow Friends of Big Bear Valley's Facebook feed.

But hold up: What if your name isn't chosen?

There's no need to be blue: The money you contributed, as part of your entry, will help the organization keep its tree-based cameras in working order, and assist in the Friends of Big Bear Valley's nature-minded efforts and events.

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