Here's Looking at You, New Warner Bros. Classics Tour

Admire togs from "Casablanca" and learn more about the studio's Golden Age films.

What to Know

  • Classics Made Here tour
  • Warner Bros. Studio
  • Fridays and Saturdays

Throwing down "Casablanca" quotes, including the oft-misquoted but generally still loved and widely said "play it again, Sam"?

Movie buffs obsessed with the iconic 1942 dramatic romance, which starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, will do so at the drop of a fedora... er, hat.

But where to revel in some vintage flicks, their stories, origins, costumes, and props, with other people who remember or long for Hollywood's Golden Age?

"Burbank" is the quick answer, "Warner Bros. Studio" is the longer answer, and the new "Classics Made Here" tour is the name to keep in mind.

For the recently introduced tour, which is available on Fridays and Saturdays, is all about the Warner Bros. offerings of yore, those flicks that have stood the test of the decades, and, in some cases, the better part of a century. 

What'll find there, film fans? The beautiful suit worn by Ingrid Berman has Humphrey Bogart uttered "here's looking at you, kid" towards the conclusion of "Casablanca."

A line-up of looks from long-ago gangster films are also on display, as are costumes worn by James Dean and Natalie Wood in 1955's "Rebel Without a Cause."

Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has helped to "... curate and tell the story of classic Hollywood for tour guests." The look back will stretch from some of the studio's earliest days creating cinematic gems to the 1970s.

Other treasures from films like "My Fair Lady" will may viewed on Stage 48: Script to Screen, a repository of movie props, sets, costumes, and scripts that further fill out a fan's film-based knowledge.

A ticket to Classics Made Here is $75.

And keep in mind, if you prefer to join the daily and long-running Warner Bros. Studio Tour: If you jump on a tour ahead of Dec. 16, 2018, and you happen to be a Southern California resident, living in a zip code that falls between 90000 to 93599, you'll score a discounted ticket for $49.99, saving $18. 

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