Holy Cow's Dessert in a Jar

Snack upon a banana-licious treat in Santa Monica or Culver City.

'Tis the season for not only lighter snacker, and treats on a stick, and warm-weather sips, but also those vessels and plates we don't often turn to in the wintertime.

True, plasticware makes a comeback in the spring, thanks to outdoor parties, but so do slightly funkier glasses, like those with built-in straws (one of the greatest inventions ever, fact). The jar qualifies here, as its roll in "Mason jar salads" -- a summer favorite of various recipe shows -- and all-in-one chilis tend to make more frequent cameos when the days grow longer and our events go alfresco.

Holy Cow, of Culver City and Santa Monica, thinks in that particular vein all year long, but with fine reason, given the food on the menu. It's barbecue, and lots of it, from Carolina Pulled Pork to Texas Tri-Tip to Santa Maria Tri-Tip. The sides, too, make the classic showing (Texas toast, corn on the cob, Idaho potato salad, plenty more).

As for the food-in-a-jar end of the Holy Cow equation? Look to dessert, the pudding course, which boasts not one but two separate sweets eaten from something that has a lid and one of those old-timey flip locks. There's the Elvis in a Jar, which includes some of The King's favorite vittles, like bacon (it's candied) and peanut butter chunk, and there's the Banana Cream Jar Pie, which is all about the "fresh vanilla bean custard, banana brulee, whip cream, toasted almond, wafer." 

Isn't the wafer beyond essential here? When you tire of a spoon and want to dig in with an implement that's biteable?

As for the other flavorful additions of the Elvis in a Jar, look for a ripe banana, chocolate fudge in vanilla bean ice cream, whip cream, and nuts to complement the aforementioned candied bacon and peanut butter chunk.

They're two desserts offered year-round at the meaty joint, but since springtime is official Eat-Everything-in-a-Jar, and Drink-from-a-Jar-Too season, you might have a hankering to do just that. If a jar salad or jar chili isn't at hand, you can go for your gooey jar dessert at Holy Cow, at either of its locations.

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