Hot New Snack: Nutella + Bacon + Dough

There are chili flakes in Urban Oven's own Pig Kisses, too.

There are few foodstuffs that are more proprietary than bacon.

Fans try to out-love each other in this particularly salty sphere. Bacon blogs try to outstrip (yeah, we said "strip," as in bacon strip) each other. And foodies following restaurant trends know where the newest bacon creation has debuted.

It's here to stay, in other words, both in its traditional breakfast form, in entrees (hi, spaghetti carbonara), and, occasionally, at dessert.

Which is what we're getting to now. Urban Oven shook up Food Truck Land a few months back when it introduced its wood-burning oven, a first for a pizza truck (or even just a truck truck) 'round these parts.

Now the pizzeria-on-the-roll is introducing Pig Bites, which are simply pizza dough, red pepper flakes, and, wait for it, wait for it, wait, Nutella and bacon.

Anybody who has tasted either the hazelnut spread or the meaty staple can fill in the rest. It's going to be a salty, sweet, spicy, doughy treat.

Urban Oven is also introducing two new pies (as in pizza) in time for Valentine's Day: Lovebirds and Lonely Boy. You decide what you're feeling like when you order. (We'd love to have a menu where you order by emotion.)

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The food truck also turns chalk over to customers. The truck itself is a big chalkboard, in essence, and fans stopping by for Pig Bites or whathaveyou are welcome to let their creativity fly. Even swearsies are welcome, so get creative, LA pizza lovers. Get. Creative.

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