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How to Celebrate International Yoga Day in Southern California

There are many different way to enjoy yoga in SoCal, from beers to babies, sloths to sunrise

Namaste! Friday marks International Yoga Day.

Here is a round-up of places across SoCal that encourage you to stretch the fun of your regular practice, by adding a little celebration into that shavasana. 

Goat Yoga

You've heard of the 'cobra pose' but have you head of 'goat on back'? The silly mountain climbers at Goat Yoga in Santa Monica will jump on every bridge you create while on all-fours, there's also a class in Burbank

Wake Up Way Up

The OUE Skyspace deck offers you the opportunity to give sun salutations 70 stories up during Sunrise Yoga, while Aerial Yoga in La Jolla will literally have you hanging upside down.

For Parents

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For parents of toddlers, Zooga Yoga in Culver City offers a way to replace terrible-two energy with mindfulness.

For Adult Beverages

Does the thought of bringing kids to yoga stress you out? Want a way more relaxed feel, like, waaaay more? Yoga and beer should do the trick! Hoppy Yoga in San Diego combines yoga practice with a craft beer selection.

Slow Down

If goats are too active for your morning meditation, the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar is known to offer one-off Sloth Yoga classes.

Down With the Dogs

If you prefer your puppies with your planks, various animal rescues like Pug Yoga offer classes throughout Southern California.

Bunny Yoga

@NBCLA recently held a Facebook Live session at a Bunny Yoga class in Camarillo, yes, the fuzzy short-tailed bouncers were also up for adoption.

Beach Day

If animals aren't your thing, and the thought of critters running around your chatarunga flares up your hives, not to worry. Walk down to Lifeguard Tower #26 between Venice and Santa Monica, and you'll find daily Beach Yoga classes.

Refresh this page throughout today as NBC4 visits and ocean front yoga class, or follow us at @NBCLA to watch live.

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