Imaginology, the Free STEAM Fest, Is Back

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math: Find kid-fun activities at the OC Fair & Event Center.


Determining how many blocks can make a tower that stands tall, combining various crayon hues to see the zazzy new colors they form, and discovering all of the cool architectural things you can do with cardboard?

Your creative and curious kid likely has a host of activities going at any one time, and most or all of those pursuits likely fall somewhere under the STEAM umbrella.

STEAM encompasses a quintet of quintessential areas of study and invention, with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math all in the cerebrally celebratory spotlight.

And one of the biggest STEAM scenes in Southern California? It has long flowered at the OC Fair & Event Center's Imaginology, a family-fun festival focused on a host of engaging educational activities created for kids to jump into and enjoy.

Learning about physics via the rotation of hula hoops, discovering the cool hows and nifty whys of coding, connecting with the principles of engineering while building with cardboard, and discovering the delights of chess are a few of the happenings that will keep aspiring thinkers, builders, planners, and doers living that STEAM dream, all weekend long.

The Coder School and National College Resources Foundation, Compass Charter Schools, YMCA of Orange County and Gemology, and other regional groups will be at the fair, all to help youngsters understand various disciplines.

And Centennial Farm? The Costa Mesa destination's animal center, known for its centerpiece red barn will be open, with activities like radish seed planting and oxen demos on the schedule.

Imaginology's in-person fun was on hold for the last couple of years, but the April 9 and 10 festival marks a merry return to in-person learning, fun, and STEAM-centered wonder.

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