In Hollywood: Sing-a-Long “Mary Poppins”

You know all the words to "Spoonful of Sugar," don't you?

A movie's afterlife is a funny thing.

Oh, we don't just mean the release dates of its special editions. Rather, we're talking about how the film and its cast and the work's larger meaning can wax and wane in the public eye, for sometimes unpredictable or strange or beautiful reasons.

It's enough to drive a charts-and-graph-loving marketing team batty, truly.

"Mary Poppins" is quite the prime and timely example. While it was absolutely a huge -- make that huge huge huge -- event when it made its 1964 debut, we'd give a Mickey Mouse ear-shaped Rice Krispie treat to anybody who could have predicted that 2013 and 2014 would see a renaissance for the wonderful, penguin-packed, kite-flyer of a cinematic confection.

To put it simply? Thank you, "Saving Mr. Banks."

But the renaissance is set to bloom further, when the El Capitan in Hollywood hosts the film for an eleven-day sing-a-long run. That's right, sing-a-long, meaning you can warble your heart out to "Spoonful of Sugar" and "Jolly Holiday" and none of the ushers or other patrons will shush you. Because they, too, we hope, shall be warbling as well.

The dates? Friday, Jan. 10 through Monday, Jan. 20.

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If you want in on the costume contest and other opening night treats, Jan. 10 is your date. Please, someone, go as the talking parrot umbrella or a chimney sweep or one of the horses on the carousel. Or a kite? Don't make us beg.

"Rarely seen unit photography" from the making of the film will also play a part in this special run.

General admission tickets are ten dollars. That's a bit more than a tuppence, but consider that you're getting to bask in a film undergoing a lively revisiting, a half century after its debut. Surely even Mary would agree that that's kind of magical.

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