Irvine Park Railroad's ‘Buy Now, Use Later' Ticket Deal

The Orange-based train has savings for those who love to ride the kid-cute rails.

Irvine Park Railroad

What to Know

  • Flash sale through June 26
  • 15 tickets for $50 (a $25 savings)
  • "Tickets never expire"

Searching for smiles?

You don't have to look too far, especially if you've got train-obsessed tots in your house. They likely have a train toy that keeps them engaged, train books they love, and train-based stories they charmingly like to tell every person they meet, in case that person likes trains, too.

Good thing that choosing choo-choo destinations around Southern California has long been pretty easy for parents, given the plethora of train-oriented outings found within our general region.

And one of train-iest, for over 22 years and counting? It's at Irvine Regional Park, in Orange. It's a place known for its pumpkin patch in the fall, and Santa visits, too, when Christmas grows near.

It's Irvine Park Railroad, the spot with the picturesque green train and a line-up of lively kid activities.

The leafy attraction reopened in May 2020, following a multi-week closure due to the coronavirus closures, and the open-air space has been welcoming visitors for nostalgic pleasures for over a month now.

If you and your youngsters are missing the train, and hope to return in the weeks or months ahead, here's something full of sunshine: There's a flash sale, happening through June 26, and it works like this: Spend $50, buy 15 tickets, and save $25.

There are "a limited number of books," and, for sure, your tickets can be used down the road, though not on the Christmas Train.

"Tickets never expire," in fact, is the good word.

Something to know, though? You'll need to pick up the tickets you do purchase by the final day in July at the Irvine Park Railroad, and you'll want to show your confirmation email, so do have that handy.

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