It's Christmas Kick-off Time, at The Americana and The Grove

Santa, stars, and songs fill the Glendale and Mid-City shopping centers in the days ahead.

What to Know

  • The Americana at Brand celebration is on Nov. 15
  • The Grove celebration is on Nov. 18
  • Both are free

While signs of November in other places run the bundle-up gamut, from people breaking out their heavy coats to piles of fallen leaves in front yards, we have a different sort of seasonal indicator here in Los Angeles: The rising of the mega trees.

We're talking, of course, about the huge firs that are often reassembled, branch by branch, once they're placed at various high-profile shopping centers around Southern California.

And they aren't assembled in a day; rather, they tend to show up before Halloween, and come together all November.

Or make that the first half of November, at least, as far as The Americana at Brand and The Grove are concerned.

For the two shopping destinations will once again flip various switches to deliver the shimmer to those who visit. Visit for free, we'll add: No ticket is required.

That shimmer lasts all season long, but the kick-off nights are a bit special, and over-the-top, and bring out revelers who want to see Santa and/or the singing of carols.

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Coming up?

Keck Medicine of USC Presents: Christmas at The Americana at Brand on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 15. One musical highlight at the Glendale shopping center? The cast of "Love, Actually Live," the stage musical that's opening at The Wallis in Beverly Hills on Dec. 4, will perform.

Citi Presents: Christmas at The Grove will deliver that famous faux snowfall, around the park area, as well as a performance highlighting "A Home for the Holidays" on CBS. As always, arriving early for this event, which takes place in the Mid-City, near the Fairfax District and Beverly Grove, and The Americana lighting, is essential.

And for those hoping to check out the first-ever tree-lighting at the new Palisades Village, that's happening on Sunday, Nov. 25. And Compass Presents: Christmas at The Promenade at Westlake? The event was postponed due to the fires, but is expected to proceed on a new date: Nov. 30.

Still more tree-oriented to-dos are due, but once the middle of November arrives, in the form of the towering-tree events, you can pretty much say that although Christmas is six weeks away, it is, in a way, nearly here.

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