It's National Hot Dog Day, Carrot Lovers

The Carrot Dog at by Chloe is discounted in honor of the tasty holiday.

What to Know

  • by Chloe
  • Silver Lake
  • $3.38 Carrot Dogs on July 17

Carrots and hot dogs?

They're vaguely the same shape. They've sort of got the same hue, or at least spring from the same side of the color wheel. And while carrots crunch, hot dogs snap, so let's call them foodstuffs with an audible angle.

But you wouldn't for a second believe that the root vegetable, which is often orange though sometimes not, would have anything to do with National Hot Dog Day, which snaps on Wednesday, July 17.

Believe it, for there's a loaded-up carrot dog at by Chloe, the stylish Silver Lake eatery, and it has been cut in half, price-wise, in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

The one-day-only special? You can snatch this offbeat dog, er, carrot for $3.38 on July 17.

If you've never got the carrot dog route, sticking, instead, to the pork, beef, and tofu options, this is what you can expect: A treat that "... is served classic NY style with sauerkraut and Sir Kensington's Classic Yellow Mustard," yum.

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The bun? It's potato.

The hand-picked carrot? It's "... been cured and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and oregano, smoked over local oak and maple, aged, and then grilled, offering guests a clean, plant-based option free of nitrates, artificial flavors, and processed ingredients."

Tempted? Curious? Just have to know what this is about? July 17 is the money-saver of a day to try something new, something rooty, something unusual, something that's hot dog-shaped, but not the hot dog that we know.

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