Join a Free Online ‘Cook-in' for Kids

The Gourmandise School at Santa Monica Place has a show for tots who love toques, with more online cooking classes to come.

The Gourmandaise School

What to Know

  • The cooking school is temporarily closed, but offering online instruction
  • Watch it live at 5 p.m. each weekday through April 3
  • Write the school's email with any cooking questions you might have

So your child has always been partial to the kitchen.

Your kid is a regular visitor, in fact, and they don't just swing by to rummage for goodies in the fridge. They want to know why bread needs flour and how sugar can sweeten a dish and if olive oil makes pasta just a little richer.

You've got an aspiring cook in the house, lucky you.

And while we #StayatHome, your young chef may be eager to burnish their baking skills or work on creating other dishes that have delighted their palate in the past.

The Gourmandaise School, which offers a plethora of cooking classes at Santa Monica Place, can help.

And to help parents during this time, when we stay home as a measure to curb COVID-19, the cooking school is offering an online "cook-in" for kids each weekday through April 3.

The Instagram story will pop up at 5 o'clock, led by none other than the affable Chef Gino. He'll be showing kids "... how they can make dinner with what they have on hand," which is timely.

And is Chef Gino also taking suggestions from kids, as to what they'd like to see during the lesson? You bet: Your tot can share with Chef what ingredients you have on hand.

Also nice?

The school is inviting anyone with a cooking question, be they a grown-up or a kid, to drop them a line for a personal response. Find someone who is in-the-know, about creation of cuisine, at

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